About Me

Professional Profile

My name is Kerry Muste and I am a Teacher Librarian with a passion for global education, ICT and social media working in Catholic education in the South West of Western Australia.

More info can be found here

My Educational Philosophy.

At the heart of my educational philosophy is the belief that relationships matter.

My personal goal is to prepare my students to be empathetic, creative global citizens who are critical thinkers that utilize technology in innovative ways.

I believe it is my responsibility to provide lessons that are engaging, explicit and provide open ended tasks in a happy, safe environment that is flexible and inclusive.

As a community of learners it is important to acknowledge that this means students, staff, parent body, local community and global community are all members. Each has talents and skills which can benefit the whole community. I am committed to facilitating paths of communication between these groups through digital and non-digital means.

 Personal Profile

My husband, Kim and I have three girls who are all now living away from home.  We have two cute dogs who will hopefully help us deal with ’empty nest’ syndrome.


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