Digital Literacy


In my role as a Digital Learning Facilitator, I am asked by teachers to support them in various ways; in the planning stages, in class tech support or for small lesson sessions. I love doing all of those and am excited when a teacher steps into a discomfort zone to try something new. Along the way, I try and encourage students (and teachers) to think of audience and  copyright when creating. Two of my favourite websites are Pixabay and  Pexels  which enable students to use copyright free images. I also encourage students to create their own images.

What I didn’t consider was that I was actually walking down the path of teaching digital literacy and that I still had quite a ways to go until I read this great article. 

Time for me to add to my skill set and promote more digital literacy.


Believe you are making a difference.


Looking for inspiration I plugged ‘inspiration’ into Pixabay and saw this image. I resonated with me as I started the year feeling a little jaded. I have been on a remarkable journey over the last two years and have tried to share my enthusiasm with others through blog posts, Twitter and presenting at conferences. Have you ever felt like your message wasn’t being heard? Yeh, me too.

Now on the first term holidays, my brain has time to reflect and I realise I’m feeling energised again. I have to believe that it makes a difference even if I don’t hear about it. I read recently that you get back the energy you put out so I’m putting it out there and hoping for the best.

This last term I had a fantastic experience collaborating with a classroom teacher and art teacher on a narrative + manga + anime project. I tweeted about it. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and I know we did.  Their pride in their achievements at the Sevensation Film Festival held on the last day of term was wonderful to witness. Their parents were pretty impressed too.

I went to a great ICT PD day run by Adrian Torrese (@Adriant_Torrese) and re-connected with my tribe (thanks Amie @AmieMeyer4 ) and to really top things off I’ve made connections with other teachers for #globalclassroom projects next term. My thanks to Kathleen Corley (@KathleenCorley) and Nicole Burrows (@Nicburrows) for their enthusiasm and collaboration. I love Twitter for making connections and gobal classrooms are my passion.

I believe I can make a difference or I wouldn’t be a teacher. I will spend my time showing others I believe they are making a difference.