From Garden to Plate – Celebrating Collaboration and Innovation

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Today’s post is to highlight a fantastic event that happened at our school this week and to celebrate the teachers that made it happen.
We have a beautiful school vegetable garden and earlier in the year the year two class had planted seedlings with their teacher, Mrs Warren.
Our year four teacher, Mrs Teague, who is a recent graduate, suggested that her class help the twos and weed the garden then use the produce to cook a shared lunch for the two classes. This idea complemented her health and science program this term. With the support of Mrs T,the students planned the menu, the ingredients required, the amounts needed and the tools that had to be sourced.
They also created two fabulous Tellagami presentations that introduced the menu and concluded the lunch by thanking the students and parents while educating them about the aim of the lunch.
The day was sensationally supported by many parents who spent time with the children and Mrs T, harvesting, cleaning, preparing and cooking the lunch.
The sit down lunch was brilliant and delicious! Special moments included the year fours proudly sharing the cooked food with their year two classmates and quiet discussions around the table. One student was even heard saying they hadn’t realised how much effort it took to prepare a meal.
The year two class delivered beautifully handwritten and illustrated thank you letters before the end of the day to their friends in year four.
What an amazing day! Congratulations and thank you Mrs Teague,for providing our students with such a fun learning experience.


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