Book Week – Engaging families using ICT

Last year we had a Books, Bears and Blanket Family Reading night to celebrate reading in our school during Book Fair. I blogged about it here but Ioved the night and got great feedback from the families who attended.
This year we aren’t having a book fair because I want reading to be more than just purchasing, so I was looking around for an activity that would engage families again. I came across the Get Caught Reading promotion and loved it. What a fabulous concept to promote reading and engage families at our school. With smart phones, iPads and tablets to take the image and email to send it, how easy was it to do?
So this became the promotion for our Book Week and I have received a steady stream of entries. Not an overwhelming response but every entry makes my heart sing. I love the images and the thought that the kids (and dogs and guinea pigs) are reading and it is being documented not just for our competition but for the families too.


I’ve also added a bit of humour to our library which relied upon the good nature and good humour of our school principal.

I also received a request for a classic "get dressed up as your favourite book character" parade so I have included this on the Friday morning. A fitting conclusion to Book Week.

How does your school library engage with families?


2 thoughts on “Book Week – Engaging families using ICT

  1. Hi Kerry!
    I just love this idea and have forwarded the link to this post to our school librarian. Of course I love the tech connection, but it is a super way of promoting the idea that it is “cool” to read.
    Happy reading!

    • Thank you, Karen! It has been so much fun and has generated interest at school and parents have been asked by their children to take photos and email them to me. I have displayed the photos in the library and tomorrow I will draw a name out of a hat and they will win a book voucher to a local book store. I hope your school has fun with it too. Let me know if they do and I will celebrate it with you.
      I will post more photos of our book parade tomorrow.

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