How do you promote the books in your library?


We have a beautiful library in our school which I have featured in a previous post about flexible learning spaces.

Recently though I was a little concerned that many of the books on our shelves weren’t being read. I love promoting books to the children and do it as often as I can, however, I am not always with them when they change their books and I am always trying to find ways to bring books and students together. (Cue picture of A Perfect Date)

One way I thought that I could get the students to choose new books was to focus on promoting genres and with ANZAC day approaching I started with Historical Fiction. This genre would not normally leap out at the kids as a genre to read so I set up the books near the door to catch their attention as they entered the library using a mobile shelf and a pinup board. This space is not normally used and I don’t have a huge amount of display space.

I was happy to see some children try new books off the shelf and others recommending some of them. I put my two cents in as well. I also heard teachers speaking to their students about different books they had read. Anything that encourages conversation about books has to be good, right?

A bonus was being able to use the other side to display ANZAC day related non-fiction and some background information.

Next genre is Adventure Stories and whilst finding the books for the display I came across some new reads for me too!

I am also planning on displaying book covers and QR codes that lead to book trailers or book reports (by the end of the year their will be ones that the students have produced in ICT lessons).
Here is one school Librarian using them in her library.

How do others promote their books? I would love to see other libraries and their displays.


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