What’s your Appsitude?

Several staff members are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the amount of iPad apps there are. They have collected a whole raft of them but are finding that they aren’t using them.
What’s a solution?
I can only speak from my experience and recommend that you don’t try and use the app for its own sake but to find the best app that does the job and an app isn’t always the best solution anyway.
As a specialist teacher my needs are not always the same as the classroom teacher but I have found the steepest learning curve has been when I have been involved in a project and wanted to display the students’ work in interesting ways.
I have tried VoiceThread, Youblisher, Wikispaces ,Flipsnack, Skype, Edmodo and blogs, all because I was involved with a project. If I hadn’t been involved I wouldn’t have had a reason to try.

I’m not yet in a school where iPads are 1:1 but still in a lab situation so maybe I’m behind the eight ball but I have learnt so much in the last year because I reached out to the world via Twitter and The Global Classrooms.

So reach out to the world, see what others are doing. Read blogs, join Twitter, speak to your colleagues and see what they are doing. You are not alone. You will be running in no time.



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