Reflecting and Connecting. My 2013 wishlist.


Wow! What a great year 2012 was. So much learning and so much fun. It makes me extremely excited about this year and what might happen. So, what did I learn last year?

1. Reflection is good for the soul and for professional practice.

The creation of this blog melded two things together. One I love and one I hadn’t really done before. I love writing but never thought I had the time to reflect. I know, what was I thinking?So, now I use this blog to jot down reflections on things I am doing and the people I meet. It’s all good stuff and I’m very grateful.

Goal for 2013: To continue to add to my blog to share and reflect on all the fabulous things that are happening in our school and in the schools of my PLN.

2. Twitter is a PLN catalyst.

How I have loved Twitter in the last 6 months. What a learning curve! What a fantastic bunch of people I have connected with. I no longer feel like an educator in a small, country town but an educator in a global community.

Goal: This global community is changing the way I view the world and the learning opportunities within it. I have joined one global project this semester which I will be posting further updates but you can find it here. Another fantastic project by Karen Stadler!
I also want to bring other educators along for the journey. I will be making some opportunities to develop this further this year.

3. Connect with your students!

As a specialist teacher it can be quite difficult to make the connections that classroom teachers can as there just isn’t the time together. I did find that last year Edmodo helped make connections with my students. We were able to connect during the week and they could clarify things with me before they came to class. We could also connect with other classes in the world. Well worth trying out.

I loved Skype too! Face to face contact with children from around the world. Could we have ever imagined this? 

Goal: I am going to use Edmodo again this year with a couple of my classes. I am also going to Skype again. My goal this year is to encourage other classes in my school to jump onboard.

Good luck everyone and I hope your year is a fun, challenging and rewarding journey. I know I hope mine is!



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