Two classes meet via Skype

Over the last semester, our school has been participating in a wonderful project called Crazy Crazes organised by Mrs Karen Stadler (@ict_integrator) of Elkanah House in Cape Town, South Africa. Schools all around the globe research the current crazes in their schools and share this information via a wikispace. My year 2 ICT class are slightly younger than most of the participants but I decided to join as the class were studying different countries with their classroom teachers and one of the boys is South African.
The project has resulted in a whole lot of learning not only for the students but also for me as I have never used a wiki. I have also learnt to use Youblisher to showcase the students’ work about our town and school and VoiceThread to allow the other classes to hear us singing the National anthem.
The highlight was today though when we Skyped Elkanah and shared information about ourselves.
What an amazing opportunity for our students to see and hear each other and develop a better understanding of different schools, accents, time zones and of course crazes. Another joyful moment was listening to our student converse in Afrikaans with the Elkanah students. I don’t know which class was more surprised. We shared a few phrases of Indonesian, our LOTE language.
This was a first for our school and all due to Mrs Stadler. Thank you, Mrs Stadler and we look forward to further Skype adventures.



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