Creating a flexible learning space

I was inspired and wrote about Paul Williams’presentation about learning spaces in a previous post. It was my goal to somehow develop a more flexible learning space for our library. With the development of mobile devices, the library becomes a wonderful alternative to the classroom for lesson delivery and ownership of the library becomes more universal, rather than ‘my room’ as teacher librarian.
I wanted to add some different kinds of seating other than the tables and chairs we have in the library. I wanted to create a space that was colourful, flexible and fun. Fortunately, my principal was behind me and there was some money in the budget. The following photographs outline the start of this transformation. We cannot remove the table and chairs at the moment as our Indonesian Language Classes are held in here once a week and this routine is well established. But changes are afoot!
The new ottomans and rehomed bean bags are well used and I have received positive comments from students and staff alike. The space is now well used during library times and I have heard a teacher comment recently that she is going to use the ottomans as tiered seating with the mat soon.
My next goal is to ask the staff and students what they would like to see next in the library and investigate how the library could be used more effectively in 2013.


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