What Book Fair Taught Me


At the end of a very busy week I felt that if I didn’t reflect on the week that has just gone I would miss a wonderful opportunity to learn something.


1. Special events at school add excitement

a. Competitions

I held 3 competitions during the week and they did generate interest but the most successful one was the ‘estimate how many lollies are in the jar and win it for your class’ competition. It was quick and everyone could enter.

b. Special events

The Book, Bear and Blanket Family Reading Night was held on the Wednesday night and involved the children coming to the library at night time in their pyjamas with their parents and listening to some stories read by me then sitting together as a family and reading. The kids were very excited and I received lots of positive feedback.

c. Promoting using kids work

In a discussion with Audrey Nay about our book fair it was suggested I run an art competition. Great idea! I added to this by using the entrants as promotion for our fair and special event.

2. The library is a wonderful place to be outside of class time.

a. Lunchtime opening

I had the most amazing experience. The children were waiting at the library doors and actually cheered when I came to open the library. I felt like a celebrity. They loved the display and having the opportunity to sit on the bean bags and play some of the games.

3. Students love teachers being a bit wacky

I wore my Book Fair hat when I was ‘working’ the fair and they loved that I was wearing my pj’s too at the special event.

Things to improve.

4. Delegate or die!

a. I really need to learn to delegate.

Setting up, filling orders, packing up and being open before, during and after school meant that it was a very busy 10 days and I’m still working on it. I’m sure with a bit of delegation I wouldn’t be feeling so tired and others would get to feel the joy too.

b.Reading night

As much as I enjoyed being the storyteller on the night, I could have involved other readers. Next year I will ask our Principal!

5. Check the calendar

I thought I had checked the school calendar and chosen a quiet week. What I hadn’t anticipated was a another school event that ended up inspiring the students to buy yoyos. These things happen.

All in all it was a great week and I am already looking forward to next year’s bigger and better event.



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