Twitter – A global Professional Learning Network

I admit to being sceptical about Twitter as it was high jacked by celebrities and seemed to reflect the lowest common denominator. How wrong I was to scoff at it. I owe my second dabbling to Ms Lou Cimetta (@LouCimetta) for introducing Edmodo to a group of educational leaders recently. I got excited about this application and joined up. A world of educators became visible to me and opportunities for professional development opened up (not an insignificant thing for a rural educator).
I thought if this was possible, maybe I could find something similar on Twitter. Fortunately for me, Ms Cimetta came to the rescue again and I spent the next week learning on the fly, finding interesting and like minded individuals to follow. Amazingly enough some people were willing to take on a newbie. Dr. Alec Couros (@courosa), a visiting Educational Technology academic from Canada on a whirlwind Australian MYSA speaking tour with his equally talented brother, Mr George Couros, took a chance and this small kindness spurred me on to keep developing my PLN, my Professional Learning Network. I set myself some goals to keep motivated because it can feel like you are talking to yourself at the beginning and my 5th goal was to be fearless. I am trying a global classroom project with another Twitterer (@ICT_Integrator) who was recommended to me by a fellow Western Australian educator (@mgraffin). All in three weeks!
I would never have found the contacts or ideas if it hadn’t been for this motivated and generous group of people. I feel connected and my students are hopefully benefitting from these connections. The journey has begun and I’m excited.



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