Why write a blog?

As a wearer of a few hats in the Catholic Education system (ICT Coordinator, Professional Learning Coordinator and Teacher Librarian) I felt that it would stretch me an an educator as well as provide an opportunity to reflect and share my learning journey.

Why call it DemystifICT?

I am always trying to demystify ICT so that I can understand it and then use it or vice versa depending on what happens.

All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect my employer.


2 thoughts on “Why write a blog?

  1. You have inspired me to make the move into the blogosphere, Kerry. Great idea to use the PL experience to build reflection and further enhance connections.
    I can see how much we all benefited from the MYSAoz experience (infinity & beyond!).

    • Thanks, Sam. It was a great experience to learn new things and meet great educators like yourself. Blogging is so new to me that I didn’t see that your comment had been put in spam. Sorry for taking so long to respond and I look forward to reading to your blogs.

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